Tame the Hyperactivity: 10 Proven Techniques to Soothe Your Energetic Puppy

Energetic Puppies are the best bundles of joy, but sometimes their energy can wear you out. You may want to look for the best ways to usher a calm into your house, and more so now that you are dealing with a hyperactive puppy. Well then, don’t despair because we have got you covered! Here are ten proven techniques to help soothe your energetic puppy and create a more peaceful environment for both of you.

Establish a routine

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Puppies are creatures of habit. They like to know how life is programmed, and they do better that way. It obliges one to fixed hours for feeding, play, and bed. Controlled structure not only helps to control their energy but also trains them, so improving behavior.

Giving Dogs Adequate Exercise

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Most of all, he needs physical activity to wipe this excess energy away. Make sure your little friend is getting enough physical exercise in his daily life. Besides long walks, games of fetch, and even some agility training, remember that an active puppy is a happy puppy. Aim for at least 30 minutes of vigorous activity daily, but adjust this according to your puppy’s breed and energy levels.

Make it Human

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Your puppy requires as much mental exercise as physical exercise. A bored puppy will look for destruction. Puzzle toys, training, and interactive play keep your puppy’s mind busy and help to wear them out. Simple commands—such as sit, stay, and come—will not only work their minds but also establish good behavior.

Create a Soothing Environment for Energetic Puppy

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It is also good to make the environment calm for your puppy. This will also help them to keep relaxed. Try to find a quiet area, possibly away from the noise in the household. Make a very comfortable crate or a resting area with a lot of blankets and toys, making it a retreat where they will go only to unwind but mostly to just be.

Practice Basic Training

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Training is not just about teaching your puppy commands; it is also a time for bonding with your puppy. Basic obedience work may help dramatically in the management of hyperactivity by giving a point of focus. The commands “sit,” “stay,” and “down” all have been found to work magic. Make the training sessions fun, short, and end on a positive note to keep your puppy motivated and wanting to learn more.

Administer Calming Aids

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Many natural calming products that you could use for your puppy would be lavender, chamomile, and calming collars. These aids usually help soothe and comfort your puppy during stressful periods. Make sure to always contact a veterinarian before introducing a new product to a pet.


Socialize your puppy with other dogs and people. Proper socialization in different environments and experiences will lessen hyperactivity because the puppy is already introduced. You can arrange puppy play dates or simply go to a dog park for safe interaction with other animals. This will help him release energy and understand the approaches of his playmates.

A balanced diet for Energetic Puppy

Diet plays a very key role in energizing puppies; as such, they require the perfect and most balanced nutrition. Do not try to give them things high in sugar, because this will make them much more hyper. Discuss with your vet which dietary options are best for your puppy to keep them healthy and balanced.

Massage and Physical Touch

Physically touching can have a great soothing effect on your puppy. Through gentle massaging and stroking of your puppy, you can reduce its stress levels and anxiety. Give your puppy a calming massage for a few minutes every day. Focus on places like his shoulders and back. Not only will it help in calming him down, but it will tighten the bond between you two.

Consistency and Patience

One that is arguably of the highest importance is that of consistency and patience. Change will not come overnight; such strategies need to be stuck with even when improvement seems agonizingly slow. Consistency in approach helps to reinforce good behavior, whereas patience will help you keep calm and supportive through the process.

Humanify A hyper puppy

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can most certainly tax your patience, but through these 10 proven ways, you can bring peace to your home for sure. A set routine, plenty of exercise, and mental workouts are the best remedies. A calm and peaceful environment, basic training, and calming aids are given. Socialization and a balanced diet are also good. Physical touch will help soothe it. More than anything, be patient and consistent. With time and effort, your energetic puppy will learn to settle down, making life more enjoyable for both of you.

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