6 Expert Tips for Efficient Spring Cleaning in Pet-Friendly Homes: Refresh Your Space

So, Spring has officially sprung, and with it, an urgency to freshen up your abode. But living with pets pretty much changes the whole dimension in your cleaning routine. Pet owners, listen up! We know how hard it is to keep your space clean with all that shedding and frolicking around, leaving presents here, there, and everywhere. But fear not! All these can now help you with these expert tips: spring cleaning so it doesn’t take the better part of your time and clean effectively to make your home sparkle in no time.

1.Expert Tips Preparing Your Pets

Expert Tips

Make sure your pets are already prepared for cleaning. Good grooming will go a long way in your efforts to reduce pet hair and dander around your house. If you clean regularly, in this case brushing your pet daily to keep the shedding down, it would entail less work.

Make a preparation for a comfortable and safe place where they will wait as you are cleaning. This will keep your visitors calm and, in addition, will prevent them from soiling the places that you have just cleaned up.

2.Use Pet-Safe Cleaning Products

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The one important thing related to the work and responsibility of cleaning with pets in the house is taking care that the products which are used for cleaning are all safe to be exposed to by the animals. Most common solutions used in cleaning contain harmful chemicals to your pet when ingested or inhaled. Definitely go for all natural products, which have clearly stated pet-friendly products. When you think of cleaning supplies, Seventh Generation, Method, Mrs. Meyers, or any brand always have your home covered and assure at the same time safety for your pets.

3.Tackle the Pet Hair Effectively

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One of the biggest challenges in cleaning to a person who keeps pets is the pet hair. This can be of great help by owning a good vacuum cleaner with pet hair attachments. Rubber-made squeegees and lint rollers are also good for removing hairs from furniture and curtains. You can also use an old rubber glove for further clean: damp and pass your hand over fabric surfaces to attract hair. Pay regular attention to those places and, in turn, this will not allow any hair to get accumulated in those places.

4.Focus on Pet Areas

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Your pets have their favorite spots around, where they eat, sleep, or play, and all of these accumulate dirt very fast. Laundry your pet’s bedding and their toys in hot water on a regular basis so that you are able to kill the bacteria and odors.
You may think about the issue over and over again, but the fact remains: buying new, washable bedding to replace the old, worn-out ones. Ensure the feeding areas are always clean, and do thorough disinfection to avoid problems related to foodborne illnesses.

5.Prevent pet messes.

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Avoiding the making of future messes is equally as important as the cleaning up of the existing ones.

I mean, place mats under their food bowls and catch food spills, and put washable slipcovers on your furniture to protect it from stains. You could also train your pets to use them before coming in from the outside to limit the amount of dirt brought into the house. Stick with your routine: lots of potty breaks and playtime in the same area.

6.Create a Pet-Safe Cleaning Schedule

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Create a cleaning routine that coordinates with your pet’s lifestyle.

You want to plan short, frequent cleaning sessions rather than long, sporadic ones. This can stress pets and owners alike. Consistency is key in maintaining a clean home when you have pets.


Spring cleaning doesn’t necessarily mean there has to be a war between you and your pets. Follow these tips from cleaning experts on efficiently freshening up the house to help provide a cleaner, healthier environment for you and your pets. Keeping your house fresh and inviting requires cleaning up messes quickly and keeping the tools and cleaning pet-safe products handy so that a mess can be prevented from ending up where it doesn’t belong. “

They Are Being Used.

How many of these do you try? Or maybe you have some of your own up your sleeve? What helps you to keep your house clean with your pets? Do tell your story or additional tips down below in the comment—it would be pleasure for me to hear how you keep your space neat and tidy!”

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