How to Choose For Your Pet Right Behavioral Therapist

Being a pet parent, one would like to have the best for their furry friend, especially in the case when it is a behavioral issue. The right selection of an appropriate behavioral therapist makes the whole difference between living a normal quality of life for the pet and an excellent one. The following will guide you through to ensure you find a professional who meets the need of your pet and at the same time gels with its personality.

Understanding Behavioral Therapy Your Pet

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What is Behavioral Therapy?
Briefly, it may be outlined with emphasis on the fact that behavioral pet therapy uses structured strategies oriented for the enhancement of emotional and behavioral responses in animals. In this case, the range most useful is of problems including aggression, anxiety, or compulsive behaviors.

Benefits for Pets
Therapy certainly increases the joy and happiness of your pet. It offers means and ways for your pet’s happiness and quality of living to be relieved from discomfort.

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Qualifications to Look For

Certifications and Education
The therapist should always have their certification in animal behavior from professional bodies. Qualifications from recognized bodies such as the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) or the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT) are promising signs.

Experience Matters
This is significant because it ensures that the person has experience with the exact animal and behavior. In a case concerning a cat, a therapist specializing in treating instances of feline aggression will have far more to offer than another whose efforts are largely focused on dogs.

Finding Potential Therapists

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Referrals and Directories
Start with your veterinarian, who probably has contacts within the behavioral therapy community. Sometimes you may refer to online directories or other professional organizations that do, in fact, have listings of qualified therapists in your area.

Social Media and Forums
On the other hand, social sites like Facebook and forums of pet owners can provide personal experiences of pet owners which may be handy while looking.

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Evaluating Therapists

Questions to Ask

How long have you been practicing pet behavioral therapy?
What are your methods?
Can you share any success stories?

Therapy Methods
And assure yourself that the techniques used in treatment are very much in line with both your pet’s best interests and your values in a reliance on positive reinforcement over punishment-based techniques.

Assessing Compatibility

Pet’s Comfort

The therapist should have a good rapport with your pet; initial consultations ascertain this. Watch how the therapist is with your pet and how your pet is with him or her.

Signs of a Good Match A good therapist should be a patient person and do his best to establish contact with your pet. Trust your feeling: your pet looks at ease; it is a good sign.

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Making Your Decision


Take into consideration the cost, the location of the therapist, and the availability. Some therapists are booked months in advance, and that may influence the decision you will make.

Trial Period If possible, arrange for a trial period to see how your pet responds to the therapy. This may be a session or two. Preparing for Therapy Steps to Prepare Help your pet adapt to the thought of visiting a therapist. It may be contact with a stranger, being handled, or riding in the car.

What to Expect The first few sessions may be more about building rapport with your pet than instant results; patience is the key as your pet and therapist get to know each other. Conclusion Does seem a bit overwhelming to try and find just the right behavioral therapist for your pet, but it is important that your pet gets over the hump of whatever is causing the behavior issues that are affecting them from good health. Take your time, do your homework; it really makes a world of difference.

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