5 best Tips to Keep Your Pet Safe Around Water

The endless fun for Keep Your Pet Safe can also come from water: refreshing jumps into the pool on hot summer days or weekend trips to the lake to play or chase along the edge of the coast. On the other hand, these water-related activities might, in turn, lead to significant risks for our furry friends if proper precautions are not considered. The blog jots down the five tips that will be a must-follow if your pet’s safety around water is to be guaranteed, so that both of you enjoy these activities with peace of mind.

Never Leave Your Pet Unattended Near Water

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The first rule of pet water safety is oh so simple yet very important: never leave your pet unattended near the water. Accidents happen, and they happen fast, just like with small children. Even if you are aware that your pet is an excellent swimmer, look out for your pet because, during unexpected times like sudden illness or fatigue, danger can easily come. Always keep your pet where you can see and reach it when it is near any kind of water.

Invest in a Pet Life Jacket

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Not all pets naturally know how to swim, and even some of those who do tire easily from swimming or get trapped in undercurrents. One indispensable purchase you could make for your pet is a pet life jacket. When choosing a life jacket, make sure to choose one that is proportionate to the size and weight of your pet. Make sure the life jacket fits snugly, though not so tight as to constrict your pet, allowing freedom of movement without choking them while breathing.
Look for handles on the back of the life jacket: they are literal lifesavers and give a quick way to lift your pet out of the water if necessary.

Teach Your Pet to Swim

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Some of the pets naturally take to water with great ease, while others may be tentative or even terrified. Introduction to water can be in a very controlled and safe environment, thereby much more able to reduce the phobia in your pet. Start in very shallow water, encouraging your pet with toys or treats.
Never force your pet into the water. This may force a traumatic experience that your pet won’t forget and be afraid of the water for life. Patience and positive reinforcement: If your pet does not want to swim, do not push him. Not all pets are meant to be swimmers.

Understand the Signs of Drowning in Pets

This information can help you recognize warning signs that your pet is in distress or drowning and possibly save its life. Signs may not be that obvious, as in people, and may include frantic splashing, efforts to climb out of the water, or unusual vocalization. Sometimes, the pet may be obviously submerged or struggling to keep itself afloat while swimming. If the pet exhibits one of these signs, promptly remove your pet from the water and get veterinary attention if necessary.

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Ensure Easy Access to Exit Points

Importantly, make sure that your pet has an easy way out of water, easily done most in swimming pools. This is whereby they may fail to trace steps or use them since they are designed for human use. You may consider installing ramps or stairs which are pet-friendly and have previous training on your pet to know where these exit points are.

Always scout the local area to make sure that any natural bodies of water that they are exposed to frequently have safe and shallow entry and exit areas into the water.


All these water activities offer a pet cooling, refreshing relief from heat and a great way for them to exercise and for their owners and them to bond. But safety shall always prevail for our furry friends. Below are those five tips that will help your pet enjoy the water safely and eventually bring joy, happiness, and health to your time together from fun adventures. We’d love to hear from you! Do you have any pet water safety tips or stories to share? Leave a comment below.

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