Top 5 Reptile Pets Perfect for Kids

Top 5 Reptiles Fit for Kids. Reptiles are fast becoming favorite family pets, especially among families with children. Fascinating creatures that not only educate children about the concept of responsibility but also offer companionship to the owner, they tend to bring about an exciting educational experience for all those who care for them. If you are thinking about getting a reptile like this for a pet family member, follow me on my blog as I introduce you to the top five reptile pets perfect for kids.

Reptile Pets Perfect for Kids

Leopard gecko

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Description: The Leopard Geckos are small, brilliantly colored, and friendly lizards, top-class pets for kids. They are pretty to watch due to their spots and exhibit vibrant colors; they are also easy to handle.

Care instructions: Keeping leopard geckos is very easy. This makes them the best pets for children. A simple set-up of a small enclosure with one end warm and the other cooler can do, with a few hiding spots; a low water plate can easily be made available to them. They use crickets and mealworms as part of the staple diet, which one can quickly get in any animal store. They are relatively easy-care animals. Leopard geckos require feeding every other day, and the enclosure must be cleaned now and then. That’s all.

Why It’s Perfect for Kids: Leopard geckos are talented in keeping them friendly and straightforward. They hardly want to gnaw at their owners’ hands and are super cool in the easy-to-touch category, which recommends them highly for kids wishing to have a pet able to play with flexibility. What is more, it needs low degrees of care that make them manageable for busy households.

Corn Snake

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Description: Corn snakes are non-venomous, generally very colorful and patterned like other snakes, in bright colors. Groups of corn snakes have thin bodies, which are much fun to watch.

Overall, Needs: Corn snakes are an underrated species. They will escape if given the chance, so they need an enclosure with a tight-fitting lid. A heat source should be provided to create a warm environment, although a hiding spot and a water bowl must also be included. The corn snake eats mice of appropriate size, which are available frozen and then thawed for feeding. They are generally easy to take care of because the animals need feeding within approximately one week of a proposal and a change in their habitat occasionally.

Why It’s Perfect for Kids: Corn snakes are gentle and usually very easy to handle. They are large enough to keep the child interested yet small enough to be manageable. His dramatic looks and curiosity will genuinely drive your child’s imagination wild.

Bearded Dragon

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Description: Bearded dragons are medium-sized lizards with quite calm and interactive behavior. They very visibly do indeed have quite spiky scales on their head and neck, even a “beard” that will puff out when they are either excited or feeling threatened.

Bearded Dragons Care requirements: will be an adequate size tank, basking spots, and UVB lighting that will be the temperature gradient that will create their environment. They are given a varied diet consisting of veggies, fruits, and the big part of the diet in insects, such as crickets and mealworms. They require much maintenance, being fed, and having tanks cleaned daily.

Why They’re Best for Kids: Bearded dragons are pretty personable and do seem to bond, which becomes stronger actively with their keepers. They are many hours a day and active while they are diurnal, giving plenty of activity time. These, in combination with their many exciting behaviors, easily make them the ideal reptile for a child wanting an interactive pet.

Crested Gecko

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Description: Crested geckos are noted for being small and frilled. Fringes can be pointed out from the eyes to the tips of its tails. They are practically nocturnal and, thus, specifically active at night.

Care Requirements The species is kept best in a vertical cage to climb. They need a planted habitat skeleton supplemented with branches for climbing and many hiding possibilities.

Feeding is effortless : feeding commercial crested gecko food can be supplemented with insects from time to time. They needn’t have any exceptional heating, which keeps them simple.

Why It’s Perfect for Kids: Crested geckos are good, low-maintenance pets. Its character is small and straightforward within its relaxed nature, providing good company for kids. They can move outside the walls and glass anyway, if taken out very gently with due care.

Russian Tortoise

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Description: The Russian tortoise is a small, hardy, long-lived reptile. It has a friendly face and nice looks on its shell-furnished, round back.

Housing: Russian tortoises need an area with much room to stroll, either inside or outside, but they prefer a secure place. By feeding them fresh vegetables with an occasional fruit, soaking them in shallow water at regular instances, and ensuring they are healthy by having the required sunlight or UVB lighting, their needs are attended to.

Why It’s Ideal for Kids: Russian tortoises are easy to care for and gentle-natured. With them, your children will have a great companion during their growth because of their considerably long life span. With the tortoises being of slow and docile temperament, they provide entertainment without any negative repercussions to the kids.


It is no different than staying safe from those of the opposite gender. A reptile makes a superb pet and equals an rewarding kid. Reptiles teach responsibility, distinctive companionship, and even educational opportunities one will not get anywhere else. Consequently, it is good to consider carefully the family lifestyle, as well as the interests of the child, to have an accurate match. Some leopard geckos, corn, beardies, cresties, and Russians are some of the many reptiles bringing unique benefits and may make an outstanding family member.

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